The benefits of self improvement


Greetings to my esteemed friends on the Cent commumity and the entire hive blockchain. It's another day and time to share with you the importance and benefits of self improvement in life's journey. It's your friend @faquan saying hello from this part of the world.



It's usually said that when you start learning you'll start decaying. This is true although our perspective isn't on just academic alone but all aspects of life.

At some point in time what you know previously becomes outdated and if you remain in the past, then contemporary issues will become strange in the eyes of such an individual.

One of the fastest way to stay connected with contemporary issues and how to solve them is to learn, unlearn and relearn. Times are changing and new things are taking over what you know previously.

I have had many people say that AI will spoil the way people do things and it should be discouraged. Little do they know that AI and it's tech has come to stay. Those that lived in the past that has refused to upgrade themselves will not be relevant in this dispensation.

Do you want to become rich and get financial stability what you need to do is to read books on those who have written down their strategies on how to become rich. If you want to understand how the tech world operates attend seminars and training to improve yourself in that area.

Benefits of self improvement

  • it helps you become a better person
  • it'll make you not to look lost in the field you're venturing into
  • it helps you see opportunities in areas that you previously didn't see.