vexPOLYCUB is the Future of PolyCUB and LeoFinance Ecosystem: DeFi at its peak - Enjoy the Following, 20% APY vexPC, 66.77% xPC + Peace of Mind


Greetings to my esteemed Lions on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain. It's time to share with us about happenings around the LeoFinance ecosystem and how it'll shape the future for the past phase of the ecosystem. It's your friend @faquan, saying hello from this part of the world.



Practically speaking, one of the major strides achieved by the LeoFinance ecosystem is the implementation of vexPolyCub at this time. This is because, the entire PolyCUB project is gradually entering it's deflationary state due to the halvening taking place weekly as well as monthly.

From the words of @myfreebtc:

Today Polycub inflates at a rate of 0.25 per polygon block but that will change to 0.125 around the 22nd of July. Let's take a look at the daily inflation for each of the next 3 halvings.
0.25 per block * 40K Block per day = 10,000 Polycub per day
July halving: 5,000 Polycub per day
August halving: 2,500 Polycub per day
September halving: 1,250 Polycub per daySource

This is working accurately as planned from the inception of PolyCUB launch. As this unfolds, it brings us closer to a deflationary PolyCUB, which means more xPolyCub to be processed and higher amount of vexPOLYCUB to be gathered by the vault.

From the PolyCUB standpoint, the term deflation goes against it's meaning, instead of reducing the price of the commodities, it's increasing the number of xPolyCub and vexPolyCub.

Remember that the more the number of xPolyCub and vexPolyCub, the merrier the buybacks for the vault. This means that once the amount of PolyCUB in the market reduce to its barest minimum, the number of PolyCUB will now revolve around xPolyCub and vexPolyCub. This point is subject to verification.

With vexPolyCub in place, the mind of everyone that has migrated their xPolycub into vexPolyCub are now projected towards 2 years already. This shows that PolyCUB will go beyond 2 years and even last for another 10 years, if the structures put in place by the LeoFinance team is right.

The mouthwatering APYs (86.77%) put in place for vexPolyCub holders is key to holders financial freedom in the next 2 years.

The future of PolyCUB and LeoFinance ecosystem lies in how sustainable the Multi-token bridges works as well as the results vexPolyCub achieved after 2 years.

I'll finally say that staking vexPolyCub will be the best that can happen to anyone for the next two years. Make your decision wisely while stock last.

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