Be sure to try this photo on your desktop!

Hi there . Today i wanted to share this photo that i took a few years ago from an abstract sculpure at an art exhibition i went to . And i want to say some words about the colors used in this art work and share my opinion

I realy liked the "yellow" used in the sculpture and i think "blue" was a smart choice for the background . And i found the composition of two contrasting (opposite) colors very beautiful . Because "yellow" is a warm , emotional and active color and it represents expantion. In while "blue" is a cold , calm and motionless color and the combine of this two makes a very picturesque visual balance .
And i think we can creat such balances in everything just with the right choice . Even with the contradiction . That was the reason for me to take this photo

Thanks for your support 🙂
Be sure to try this picture on your desktop🙃🌺