I love to see nature


Today is Wednesday, September 22nd and I am happy to be alive.
Assalamulaikum, I hope everyone is well, I am also very well in your prayers.
I am very happy to be with you again. I like working with you very much. Your support gives me a lot of inspiration. I hope you are all very well.


I will share with you what I have done today. I got out of the house today and did a lot of walking on the street. It felt so good
I see a Grass while walking down the street. I was very happy to see the Grass, so I took a picture. I like to show you my nature. It's very nice to see it.


Our Bangladesh is very beautiful. There are many things to see in our Bangladesh. Seeing them really fills the mind. There are many more green things in Bangladesh that are a pleasure to see so I am very proud of my Bangladesh that I was born in one of my countries.
I live in a small village. They are very small but the people in this village are very good. Very simple. Everything is very beautiful. There are some hard working people in our village.