My self


Hi everyone my name is Farhan Sadiq I live in Bangladesh.
I always like to work online when I am in the room. I have been working online for almost three years now. I don't understand everything well online. I work online in the light of the experience as much as I understand. I hope I will do something better online. I don't know how much I can do but I will do as much as I can't

I am currently in Bangladesh I am still studying I am not doing anything as a professional I am just working online I hope I can do something good with the cooperation of everyone on this platform who can present in front of everyone.


I started working in the online world a few days ago. I work on small websites. I hope I can make good money by working on this platform and earn everyone's love I want to get my support from everyone on the platform and everyone will support me

I also like to travel to different places. Traveling is my hobby. I travel to different places in Bangladesh. I am very happy when I build. So I travel a lot. I go to many places with my friends.
Cox's Bazar is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh which is one of my favorite places to visit.

There are some historical places in Bangladesh, among them Sundarbans, Ratargul, Nafakum, Nijhum Island, Kuakata. I love to visit this historic place.

I can't go around for corona infection in Bangladesh anymore like before so I stay in the room all day long to go around but I can't go anywhere just for corona. I hope very soon corona will be free Bangladesh. We will all be able to move like before.