Ask leo: What does bearish and bullish trend means?


There are basically two trendy movements as far as crypto market is concerned where trader or investors have the opportunity to explore, maximize the trend.
The two movements are bearish and bullish. I will briefly share the difference between the two.

When an investor finds it difficult to draw and define the two movements you either gain or loss. When there's sufficient knowledge about these two concepts, it create the right business premise in the life of an investor. It also enables the investor to decide when to enter or leave the market.

what does bearish trend means?

This is a situation where there's a decline by about 20% in price . This can also be termed as downward trend in price movement by the twenty percent. When the prices begin to go down from the peak, an investor is left with options to buy and keep since the price is low. Sometimes the investor is pessimistic about the future because of the current challenge in price.

what does bullish trend means?

This is the opposite movement of bearish. During bullish, the price normally increases by 20%. We can equally say this is a trend which prices goes up and makes most trader optimistic about the future. The trader tend to sell owing to the fact he'll make profit.

In whatever case it might be, the trader should just know the trend suitable for his business in order to manage risk and make profit. The bottom line remains that an investor believes bearish trend prices go down while bullish trend prices go up.

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