Ask Leo: What have you achieved thus far in January?


Today happened to be the last day in the month of January 2023. It may be like a dream to many because as if the year just started. To others this month is the best. Which ever side we look at it the common ground is success or achievements. Do you have any thing to show forth?

I strongly believe that 31 days are enough to asses the level of achievement of success of someone's goal though not to draw any Conclusion but to at least have a litmus test in order to identify the strength and weaknesses.

As an entrepreneur is expedient to keep asking yourself some questions in the course of any business which becomes like a guide.
Success can be measured up periodically.
Any organisation that does not evaluate herself to ascertain her level of growth might not be able to thrive to the end. No matter how good you are if you don't have results you're not doing well.

An organisation claims her well being because of the varied customers they had but when they began to take stock of all transactions they realised that there wasn't good evidence.
I was privileged to manage a small scale business for my uncle for a particular period of time. I was running the business without taking any stock and I thought I was really making exploit. Hmmm gradually I noticed that the goods were reducing in the shop and no replacement. When assessment was finally done I realised that the goods borrowed was more than the goods in the shop. This led to the closure of the business immediately. With this experience, I wish to say that business evaluation is key for any business advancement or growth. Evaluation required sort of discipline because it might sap some energy but you would enjoy it later.

May the next month be better than this one.

thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments appreciated.

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