Ask leo: what is the suitable strategy for marketing hive Blockchain?


Blockchain is gradually flooded with lots of competitions which concerted effort are required to breakthrough and sustain the market which is dependent on the marketing strategy.

What gives an advantage to the twenty first century businesses is the kind of strategies employed. For an emerging Blockchain like hive,there must be practical steps taken for publicity and for it to find an enduring relevance.

I will share practically the suitable strategy I felt is pivotal to paddle the affairs of things especially in time of high competition like this. I have seen and heard of many organization who couldn't survive neither penetrate through the season.
The most suitable strategy to be used to gain advantage over others is rugged marketing/publicity. This can achieved when people see the value of their services physically. Many are fed up with abstract publicity. What moves them is what they can touch and feel. Therefore printing or having a branded T-Shirt speaks more than any other talk.
In the part of the country where I came from, seeing is believing. Once they can see, you can easily convinced them to signed up.

By the grace of God, we have been able to produce few shirts which I believe very soon many will sign up.
No matter how good your business is and you lack the suitable strategy for marketing may not have more subscribers.

Hive Blockchain is good but it's high time we begin to campaign it with physical strategy such as branded materials like books,shirts,etc.and then engage in one on one as we discuss and enlightened people more about it. This strategy is real has been what I use.

I see great future in hive therefore I shall continue to pursue it, spread the good news always.

All pictures are snapshot from my phone.

Hope to see you more on my blog subsequently.

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Nothing like something tangible, something to hold in your hand.

I you don't mind, I'll mine my daily Hivebits right here.