Ask Leo: When should you review your financial goal?


Financial goals are very important to be properly set. To be a successful entrepreneur one thing is to set viable goals and another thing is to review those goals to ensure that you are still on course.
Most businesses crumble when they neglect the act of review or evaluating their financial plan.

Financial plan or goal is not a static document but it needs constant check to guide one's financial journey. Do you know that plans can be outdated? How would you know? Review is the answer. The more you review the more you update the plans. The review mustn't necessarily be yearly but I strongly believe when you have a closed marking and deliberately be disciplined you would have a better success. I counsel young coming entrepreneurs to be consistent with monthly review of their businesses.

when you should you review?

As I clearly stated, review is part of the mind frame of an entrepreneur therefore there might not be specific time for review pending on the situation that surrounds it however it's expedient to review. Some of the reasons that could necessitates review of your finances include;

  • Major Changes. Whenever there's change sometimes is good to review the plan in order to absorb and balance the change. Some of these major Changes could be climatic conditions, political atmosphere, environmental hazard etc. When some of these occurs, it's good to make adjustments to cushion the effects.
  • Another area that calls for review is when the month is ending such as this, it's good to do some check and balance. I have served in an organisation where if we aren't so busy, we review weekly but never missed the monthly review because this helps to put the organisation in a rightful position.

What have you achieved this far this month? What are the challenges you faced? How do you intend to be better next month?

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