Ask Leo: Why do most businesses fail?

It's quite disheartening that most businesses are failing today. Some of the factors might be internal while others might be external. I intend to highlight both of these factors and proffer remedy on how these could be tackled.

Some of the factors that affect businesses which results to failure includes;

Lack of Knowledge.

To me, this is first basic step that investors and entrepreneurs must give attention to. Before you start any business, it's expected to acquire certain information concerning the business. Identify the success stories of others in same business sphere. Knowledge is said to be power. Get all the necessary information about such business.

lack of advisor

Get a professional counselor. This will help to reduce certain risks and failures. A mentor is very important. Some times their life experiences shared would solve a lots of questions.

personal development

Don't just relax. Ensure you development yourself in line with the business in view. If possible take some courses. Update and make researches to know the latest.

Keep investing.

Never you be discouraged. Keep investing no matter the circumstances. If you don't invest you may not harvest anything. Some investors and entrepreneurs invest little with high expectation of harvesting more.


Don't be afraid of business and don't negative. The greatest failure starts from the heart.
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