Life is full of challenges and of a truth no one can stop challenges from coming but what we do when it comes matters a lot. You may not be able to stop birds flying over your head but I think you can stop them not to make nest on your head.
Before I proceed, I would like to remind us that if there's no challenge, there won't be a champion. Therefore, brace up and don't give up now.

why do people give up easily?

As our faces are different so also the intend of our hearts are. There are different perception of life base on individual's experience and different factors responsible for people giving up in life. I will highlight some of these reasons which are;

Family Background

God knows perfectly well why he chose to give us different family background. Sometimes people look down on where they come from and become intimidated by others. Why must you give up because of your background? Our destinies are unique and the journey of life is not conventional, time and chance are key factors. You can make it in respective of your background. Cheer up and start now.


As far as I'm concerned, failures are opportunities to enhance the journey of an individual to towards success. No body is born a failure except you admit and conclude over your life that nothing good will come out.
Every success glory has a success story. I have had reasons to be a school dropout because I failed ordinary level exams for seven times. The more I failed the more I cheer myself to soar higher and keep moving. At the seventh time I cleared it with a good grade, and today I'm climbing more academic cadres. Failure doesn't kill it only prunes, refines one to be the best. Don't give up now because this is not the end of the road, you can make it.


This pressure could be from peers or family or workplace. People give up because of their inability to absorb pressure. Life is full of pressure but God has given us shock absorber, is just for one to discover it and activate it. Don't allow pressure to make you give up now. Remember tough times don't last forever but tough people do.


There are more than one thousand reasons for everyone to give up in life but don't because you can make it. There is still hope. It might be tough now but certainly good times will come. Don't give up now.

Thanks for reading.


Great write up man. Giving up should be an option for you. Failures teach you a lot of things. You can correct your mistakes, keep your head high and move on. That's the way!!