Helo hivers,
I have been through different tunnel of life, I have a story to share, I have a comment to make, I have a piece to share, I have a hope to give, I have a principle to discuss, I have an idea which could add a quantum leap to our life journey.

Failure emanate from the heart. The mind is the control engine of the human body system. The mind is the battlefield which determines winning and losing. Failure isn't bad or the end of the road but what one does when he/she fails matters so much.
Life might not be bed of roses, it has both good and bad. The condition of the heart determines one's approach to either side of life.

I have tried different kind of businesses at some point and all couldn't succeed but I didn't give up. I came to realize that there are many other people that have tried over and over but never gave up until they finally got it right. I had the privilege to listen and read the failure challenges of certain great people. That built up a good mindset and driving force to soar higher.

Failure is a channel to greatness if you didn't give up by the way.
Failure is a refiner that enables an individual to learn repeatedly in order to get the very best.
Hmmm I discovered that I'm the product of my imagination and thought therefore I said it boldly I'm not a failure.
The fact that I failed today doesn't mean I will fail tomorrow.
The fact that I tried businesses severally and didn't breakthrough does not mean I am a failure.

There's power in positive confession. What you say is what you become. I'm not a failure. I can't be intimidated.
I can't allow inferiority complex and low esteem deny me access to fulfilling my purpose.
I write it on the door post of my heart in uppercase that IAM NOT A FAILURE.

Keep saying it until you become it. See you at the top.


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Hello @fasacity. Everything you say in your article is true about failure. You have to believe in yourself that you will succeed. However, you also have to step back and realize what you're attempting to do and how you're going about it may be the reason for the failure. Not you necessarily as a person.

What you're trying to promote and how needed to be examined. Then get professional advice in the area you're attempting to grow your business in.

I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Take care.

Have a good rest of your week.