The winning mind.



Hi great people,
I hope you had a great day.
I want to share briefly about the winning mind. As I sat and began to think about life and it's challenges, some thing pricked my heart. Suddenly I could hear the winning mind.
I would like to explain what the mind means to me.
The mind is like the central processing unit of the human body. It's the focal point where thought is nurtured and activate in order for the body to display.

I want to say that there is a three dimensional aspects of man which soul(mind) Body and the spirit. My emphasis is within the boundaries of the mind.
The mind is the power house of the body because every life decision is processed from the mind.
Battles begin and is won in the mind.
A defeated mind is like a defeated battle.
A sick mind is a sick body.
A corrupt mind is a corrupt individual.
A healthy mind, is a healthy person.

How to have a winning mind.

Is not every mind that wins but every mind has the potential of winning.
In order to have a mind that wins, the following tips is important to be observed as it goes a long way in promoting a winning mind.

  • Think positively and never be pessimistic about life. Keep imagining possibility in every thing.
  • Guard whatever that enters into the mind. Sieve whatever that enters your ear.
  • Be careful of the kind of friends you keep because whatever they discussed could influence you directly or indirectly.
  • Read good and inspiring books always. This is one of the ways to have a transformed mind.
  • Eat good food and if possible balanced diet. A hungry man might be an angry man therefore always ensure that you eat good food.
  • Have a relaxed mind. Take out time to be off work and chill out with friends and family.
  • Exercise could also help to keep your mind fit.
  • Persist and be Consistent in what you do.


A winning mind is a discipline mind. Watch what you do and be careful. Are you at the verge of giving up? Are perplexed and discouraged about life? Cheer up because you can still win if you've given up in your mind.
See you at the top with the winning wings.

thanks for reading my post and all the comments appreciated.


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