Well loaded weekend

Hi guys,
Hope you had a spirited filled weekend like me.
Last week it was characterised by wedding and birthday but thank for the dimension it turned out to be this week. I decided to label this week well loaded because of the array of activities that took place.


On Saturday being 11th June, 2022, the women fellowship of my local assembly had their conference which was a Wow.
It's been a while when I witnessed diversified activities by women not until this weekend.


The match pass parade was explosive. Women dressed with hand gloves swinging their hands. The amazing thing was my wife leading her battalion. I began to imagine that if these women could be recruited in the forces it won't be out of place. You know my country has insecurity challenges now, I was wishing if the government could just pick some of them...hahaha



It was not just the match pass but they hard seminars, symposium and other series of events which were edifying and inspiring.

In between I had the opportunity to travel to a village for a survey for an event we are planning for. It was a journey that cost us 2hours. It's raining season here, hmmm you can't believe what I saw greeny environment. Most of the farm produce were blossom. God is good.


The road network was also bad. At some point we had to drop from the vehicle and trek a short distance but at the end it was adventurous. Immediately I returned, had to sleep after a while, I was refreshed.


Another activity was how my 12th June went. This day coincided with democracy day. I went to a village to Fellowship with them. They really revitalised my spirit in their local way.


I came back to town behold I saw the church women glittering in their attire as they celebrate God's faithfulness and the success of their conference.


I thought that's enough for the day hmmm it was just announced that after the service we should all visit one of our member's who lost his wife via accident to console the family. It ended in praise to God's glory.



I then returned home with my beautiful family.

It's been a while that I had such activity filled week.

Thanks all for reading.

@fasacity .


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It is good that you were able to have a good time during those days, despite the fact that the weather conditions and the beautiful pass on the roads were not the best, you were able to enjoy a spectacular landscape and vegetation. Greetings and blessings.


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