Third time and second time in a row of winning @spectrumecons Buying and Selling Game Contest

Once again, I was declared the winner of the monthly contest organised by @spectrumecons. The contest is the Buying and Selling Game Contest #28. You can find the original post to the contest here.


I am so excited sharing this because this is the third time I will be winning the contest and the second time in a row of winning the contest. I was also the winner of the previous month. I have participated in the monthly contest 4 times now and have won it 3 time. This is a great achievement..... 😂

The reward for winning the contest was 30 Hive, which I received and I am grateful for receiving this prize.

The contest is a game which involves choosing the quantity of goods you want to buy or make and choosing the selling price of each good you bought or made.

The information provided include all the goods that can be bought in the game, all costs (i.e. costs to buy/make goods and overhead costs) and any special purchasing requirements. For example, a good may need to be bought in fixed quantities.

The goal is to make profit and the person with the highest profit wins the contest.

You can all Chech the post of the contest and the post of the contest result to learn more about the game.

All that is needed to be done in order to participate in the contest, was to comment one's answer in the particular order given and my answer was as stated below

Apple Pies
Quantity: 15 (3 batches) Selling Price: $11
Blueberry Pies
Quantity: 35 (7 batches) Selling Price: $21
Pecan Pies
Quantity: 30 (6 batches) Selling Price: $21.5

With my answer, I made a profit of 1,295and was declared winner.

I really enjoy the contest and I am already looking forward to the next contest from @spectrumecons coming up later this month. Any one interested in the contest can also follow him to get notified when he posts the next contest.

Once again thank you @spectrumecons for organizing these great contests and thank you for the prize 🏆.

Thanks for Dropping By !

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