Playing Pump it Up at the arcade



Pros and cons for the day

A 70-year-old child started walking in front of me on purpose to get in my way while I was playing Pump it Up. I stopped playing and walked towards her to pull her ear in front of her other two grandma friends. She was still stubborn about it, but it was obviously just the actions of a spiteful instigator trying to mess with me. Unfortunately for her, I didn't let her off easily.

When she asked me how it disturbed me, I explained it to her in a way that she can't refute (in a game, it's the same as not being able to block a punch when we can't see it coming) and told her to pay more attention, moving around the arcade instead of walking in front of me again. It was just really disrespectful.

Ironically enough, a minute later, her grandma friend, who had also walked in front of me though only once and clearly by accident, apologized to me for the inconvenience. She did that because she saw me I get angry. She didn't want any trouble. I said it was fine, that it was the other woman who was very disrespectful.

On the upside, I spent as many calories today as I if I ran 10km in an hour. Also, I got an S for the first time in the most challenging song I can complete.

Image source: my phone's camera