Shared-screen meetings with scholars


Leveling up as a manager

It's small, but I do have my little scholarship. It's only 8 accounts strong. After teaching one specific player more about the game by having them share their screen with me, telling them what cards to play in real time, then explaining my reasoning after a few matches, they got better. So much better, I decided to do this for my other players.

Today, despite being tired from walking on the street for a few hours, I sat down on Discord with one of my scholars. They seemed frustrated with the team change I forced upon them. But their team is so much better now... Of course it had to be a misunderstanding on their end. From a bad bird into a strong AAP, how could they feel it was unfair!

Turns out they didn't quite understand the "attacks first/last" mechanic, present both in an aqua's Flanking Smack and a dusk's tail (cactus... Idk the card name) on their team. It also seemed they kept using tail whip very early in the game, which is bad for bluffing purposes and bad against energy destroy/steal. That and a couple of other hints made them feel a lot more secure about their team.

Hopefully, every player with a higher-tier team can reach a minimum of 120+ SLP daily. Which will be great under the upcoming breeding update.