CTP Content Challenge is Challenging!


I am on Day 5 of 30 consecutive days of posting. Not missing a day will be challenging once I start teaching classes again on Monday, but I am going to power through, I hope. My editorial calendar is helping to remind me, and I keep it right next to the computer.

Here are some advantages of participating in the challenge:

  1. An hour spent on Hive is more valuable than an hour spent on youtube or facebook or twitter.

  2. It doesn't even take an hour to make a post with something valuable to offer.

  3. We are cheering one another on--positive peer pressure!

Today is a day off from the bridal shop, so I will be catching up on the sewing for my own daughter's wedding plus preparing my Monday lessons in U.S. Government (teaching how it is supposed to be, not how it is now) and 20th Century World History (a grim topic with occasional triumphs over human depravity.)