Energy in Business


Have you ever been in a room where everyone is encouraging and helpful and even hilarious at times? I am blessed that the workroom in the bridal shop is such a place. We deal with stressed customers and giddy ones; elaborate gowns and quick little dresses. As we work, we hum, talk about our children, and brainstorm better ways to do things we have been doing for years or even decades. The happy energy is contagious.

Of course, negative energy is also contagious. It is no fun when that rare customer comes in determined to destroy anyone who does not/cannot give her everything she demands. We do our best, but such people leave wounds and it takes a while to recover the good energy in the room. Detox from those customers as soon as you can. Don't let them affect your ability to be positive to all your other customers.

That's all I have today. Blessings to all!

Kimberly Schimmel (FiberFrau)