Quick Tip for Book Lovers


As the stacks of books in my house continue to grow, I have adopted a new strategy when it comes to new books. If a Kindle version of a book I want (but do not yet have time to read) is available, I press the "Send a Free Sample" button to send a taste of the book to my Kindle. I then have the staisfaction of having that book on my shelf without spending money--yet!

Once I have time to read the sample, a convenient button at the end of the sample will allow me to order the book when I do have time to read it. Also, if the sample proves disappointing, I will have saved my $$.

No more FOMO! My fear is I will forget about a wonderful book or it will get lost on my voluminous wish list. Once the sample is on my device, I can rest easy knowing I can find that book next time I have to sit and wait and need something to read!