Staking: An Analog Version


I stake all the good coins I get on Hive Engine and in List Nerds, keeping just a little liquid in case an opportunity comes up quickly. I power up those assets so I can maximize return. Any asset unstaked or not in savings earning interest is stagnant. I want all my assets working as much as possible.

Since my primary business interest is tangible (sewing, knitting, designing fiber art) I decided to open my closets and look at my tangible assets with the intent of applying the staking principle to my analog world, too. I pulled out some fabric remnants: quality new fabric left over after I cut a large project. Sitting in my closet, that fabric is worthless. But what could I make that I could then put in my shop and sell?

These were long strips of fabric, so I looked through my patterns and, behold, several patterns for men's ties and accessories. A bit of research showed somebody out there is buying skinny neckties and pre-tied bow ties in fun fabrics. Even florals. Well, I can make those in no time at all. I must order some necktie/cummerbund fasteners in bulk from WAWAK tailor supply, but other than that I have the necessary scissors, thread, and sewing machine. So here we go:

I can market these as "green" since they are made from leftovers from my shop. This is what I do already with my yarn leftovers in my Gather the Fragments scarf.

Of course I could just make patchwork like my frugal ancestors, but those are heavy to mail compared with scarves or ties. Feeny shows off one of my flannel quilts, partially finished: