This Week in Business


Lots of offline stuff going on, so my blogging was off this week. But here's an update on what I was doing with my time:

  1. Gained another teaching gig for the upcoming school year: a year-long high school class on economics and government every Monday morning, just up the street! I am stoked to teach almost-adults to think critically about money, power, control, and freedom.

  2. Filled a massive order on fiverr for blog posts (which is why no posts on MY blog for days.)

  3. Made a big etsy sale and set up a coupon to improve repeat sales.

  4. Wedding sewing ready to kick into high gear--want to be done long before the event in September. This should provide lots of HIVE posts for me in the NeedleworkMonday community!

Wishing you all success. Show up every day (online or offline) and do the things (whatever "the things" are for your own business.)


Kimberly Schimmel, aka FiberFrau