Are you Nervous about the whole Crypto Situation?


These past months the crypto market faced consecutive dumps. There are many reasons behind that and ofc there are maybe things that we mostly not gonna find either.

For instance, we had the sec and EU trying to create new laws to regulate cryptos, then we had the Ukraine-Russia war that led to a chain of effects with rises in gas prices, electricity prices, and food prices as well as an increase in immigration and layoffs. After that, the FTX Scandal came to light with many people losing their money and ofc their trust.

This is quite sad as trust is something that's really hard for anyone to regain and thus we all the factors above BTC is now around 16k. Everything that i mentioned up until now made a lot of people that still are around the cryptos space to feel a little nervous about the whole situation.

I am curious to know whether anyone reading this post is actually nervous regarding everything that is going and i will also share whether or not i feel nervous as well. Undoubtedly i can say for sure that i get anyone that is feeling uncertain and it's quite logical for you to think that way due to the current events.

I am a couple of years into cryptos and thus i have seen my fair share of crypto dumps. Most of the time it was like small dumps or dumps that lasted maximum 1-2 months so in my mind it was nothing serious.

This time it's a bit different and more complicated and i believe, and i repeat this is my personal opinion that this whole situation around cryptos will last at least 1-2 years. That means that all crypto-related companies need to adjust under these circumstances, evolve or go bankrupt.

From the investor's side, it means he/she needs to be extra careful with his money as only the strong cryptos with actual products or services that add a certain value in a certain sector will survive. The rest which will be the vast majority will be going to zero so i repeat everyone will need to be extra careful where he/she invests his/her money.

Now regarding me, even though my portfolio shrunk a lot i haven't panicked and basically sold nothing. I also try to increase my stake in Hive and some tokens around it like Leo, CTP, Bro, Cine by creating posts and also by curating. For example, when BTC was like 70k i had around 3000 Leo.

LEO at a certain time during that pump was sold at 1 $, meaning that my 3000 LEO had a value of 3000 dollars. Now i have 6000 LEO which is worth 375$. Hopefully, in the next crypto pump, i will see another rise to 1$ or more and hopefully, during that time my LEO will be worth 6000 dollars or more.

In conclusion, i get that many people are feeling nervous but for some reason, i don't. I know it will be a tough time until the next pump but during that time i will keep on increasing my stake with the hope of enjoying some sweet profits. Also, note that i haven't invested a single dollar out of my pocket, my whole crypto portfolio comes from my Hive earnings.

So are you feeling nervous about the whole situation?

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