Series : Use cases of Liquid Nitrogen (part 2)


Welcome again to another series of this topic. As much as we are going to be exploring the fun in the various use cases of liquid nitrogen, I would like us to take a stop and take a serious look on what relevance and impact liquid nitrogen has in our today health sector.

Fact has it that liquid nitrogen freeze anything it touches, due to its boiling point, makes it also very useful in health sector. liquid nitrogen is used to kill cells that makes up a disease or cancerous tissue, this makes the frozen tissue dried up and falls off if applied with professional knowledge. Can we just say we already have the cure for cancer since 1772 by Daniel Rutherford , and we don't know?😂 Cryotherapy though is a huge breakthrough, but the search to cure cancer still continues, I stand to be corrected.
use cases of liquid nitrogen

However liquid nitrogen remains vital to the breakthrough of chemistry science. Many benefits can be traced down to the major attribute of LN2 which is the sub zero freezing effect on every substance it touches. That major attribute amongst others is so useful in the health sector for various experiments and preservation.
Treatable diseases with Liquid Nitrogensource
Let it be known that our favorite element liquid nitrogen played its part contributing if not majorly to the revolution of health sector. And so I look forward to exploring and informing, the fun use cases of Liquid Nitrogen. Thanks...



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