After A long Big Dip Leo Again Going Bullish Trend


It's not going to happen i already the market in leo this is the reason why i'm telling you my price prediction of seeing leo go up could go against me.
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The market tried to break 19 cents.but it didn't win the sellers did not win out they're trying to get on.we're seeing in the market in leo we cannot be bullish into the market the expectation is either.we're going to continue to dip or we're going to see the market trade sideways.
We're looking at a sideways trading action for can still see it.we're stable i'm not massively bullish in the market in leo.i'm not massively bearish i'm just looking for the market to trade sideways and currently with this high volume. we're seeing the price of the highs there's still some silly going on in this market the amount of strength is coming through in leo.

We need to focus in on where in the world is this price going to go in leo.i'm not really you come in and this one again no once. you're in it you're in it and the market tara leo the market is in consensus to tell us.they're looking for this price to go up.
We to get in the way when we don't we simply follow what everyone else is trying to do. we're looking pretty bullish into the market in leo.we're still looking kind of bullish and leo wants to go up. if we break this trend this bullish trend to the downside.we're coming down and we break it you need to understand the market is overall.

You all the opportunity to tell me.what are you noticing on the chart the market looks weak.we can't say this price in leo did not see a fantastic move

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