Again Time Is Ticking For A Massive Up Move For Cubfinance Coin


I was looking for the price to go up in the cubfinance coin and i told everyone the price was going to go to a 29 cents wasn't my price target.

I was telling you.we can actually see the market get rejected and there around 30 cents and take a look at what happened where the market started is massive increase of selling rather than the got restricted there you understand how the market works take a look since time the cubfinance coin hasn't been coming up at all and in fact we even broke our area of support was identified.
images 3.png
We definitely got some things to talk about in this market for the cubfinance coin.the market price in the cubfinance coin actually come all the way up to 30 cents.we understood the market in the cubfinance coin was getting some strength.i'll take advantage of the market has gone up.we see a bullish reversal occurring to the market .

The market is already speaking how important it is for price to keep itself what happened into the market in the cubfinance coin.this is where the change of sentiment occurs not only we break this massive area of support.we needed the market to hold the market in the cubfinance coin got rejected.
We've already seen occur we should be bullish into the market it's just simple it attempted to trade.we will remain under the prospect price is strong got it this is how you able to make this simple and easy without being confused market already tells us.

Where the issues are at not having the ability to trade back up above 35 cents.we should be bullish into the market in cubfinance coin. we will know whether or not the market in the cubfinance coin is trying to attempt again to break above 32 cents.

We need to see the price uphold this trend the graph is going to try again to attempt to break. this market is still going to trade sideways with the prospect of price going higher.

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