Why The Marketing Wleo Has Completely Fell Off.Buyers Not Intrest In Wleo Market

You can see where i was looking for the buyers to come through into the marketing wleo.i know from off the roof.you might say well you can see how the price went up in wleo maybe i need to increase my restriction .
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The only thing i needed to adjust in my analysis in my price was to bring up to around 19 cents.we've been coming stable the market in wleo has been trending lower the price to go up.they can actually see where you're willing to the market your hand because they will use it against.

We were in position.we knew the price in wleo was weak.the price now it's all the way down from a price prediction.the world's price going down wleo it's simple people don't want to buy it there's just no demand no interest for this currency. we got to get prepared for where the market is going to go next.
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I already got a massive indication to you wleo is no longer bullish is no longer expected to go down.the market is wleo is changing it has now changed and we are no longer bullish into the market in wleo. you have to believe what you're seeing on the chart.

You have to cannot come in the market.the market is going to do something opposite.the market told us don't expect.the market to go up anymore.you think the price wleo is going to go then we need to try to figure out.we don't try to deploy any more resources to this market until we see the buyers the marketing wleo has completely fell off.

This market is going to go in wleo unless scary because it doesn't look like we have a pretty firm area of buyers.we're going to focus on is going to be all the way down towards 19 cents. we are bringing this price all the way back down. i don't think people are ready for nope i don't think people are ready to see the marketing wleo go down .

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