What The New Me Did The First Time I Opened My Eyes In The Morning?



What do you do the moment you open your eyes in the morning?
This morning i wake up as usual, in 5:23 A.M.
As usual and like most of people nowadays, the first thing that i do the moment i opened my eyes is to check on my phone.
The old me will check on messages in my chatting application like Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, etc.
After that i will browsing in social media like Instagram to just scrolling around see what everyone’s doing in there.

But thats the old me, the new me is a changed person.
And i believe I changed for the better.
I just realized that today how much i changed even from something as simple as what i do the moment i opened my eyes.
Yes, i still grab my phone the first thing.
But what i do afterwards is what makes them different.
There’re two main things that i should do and i remembered to do when i gain my consciousness after a whole night sleep, to check on cryptocurrency and to check on blockchain.

For the cryptocurrency, i have few accounts in this and that application but my main savings are in Bittrex and Indodax.
I need both of them in my life because they completed my life.
There’re so many currency in Bittrex that i have and yet Indodax doesnt have yet.
Especially related to my blockchain, i think that i really need Bittrex as the bridge between my blockchain and my cryptocurrency.
For example, for my Steem, SBD (Steem Dollar), and HBD (Hive Dollar) i can only transfer them to Bittrex.
I cant transfer them to Indodax directly because they dont have it yet.
For Indodax, thats where my main account sit.
For the money that i need in my daily life, i will take them from my Indodax account.
Because this Indodax is based in Indonesia and based in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) so its very easy to do the transfer from Indodax to my bank account.
So ofcourse, when i wake up in the morning, i checked them first to see how my assets going.
Is there something that i can sell or buy?
Is there something that already sold when i was asleep?
I checked them all so i dont loose in my investment.
I need to keep updated with how is the market going.
This activity lasted me 1-2 minutes and then i moved on to the next thing i always do then moment i opened my eyes in the morning.

Next of all, of course, checking my blockchain.
I have few blockchain where i registered my self in and where i posted daily.
One of that is Leo.
I need to check Leo in the morning so i can keep updated with all the new information about the crypto world that i missed while i was sleeping.
For me, its like reading a newspaper in the morning.
If i start reading them,in the day time and in the night time, i am not sure tgat my brain can keep up with the information that i just read.
So my effort will be such a waster because its not maximal.
The best time to read about difficult and and confusing things like Leo is in the morning when my brain still not distracted with anytging else.
I think its really important to feed our brain with good and actually important information the moment we wake up.
It keeps my brain healthy, my energy up, my day better.

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