ASK LEO : Investor's and the Dip, The Cryptocurrency saga (DYOR)

It is not looking so good right now in the crypto market, especially the fact that the market on it own keeps on going dip and coming up often and often and this on it own as create lot of fear in the mind of so many investor's as to what they are to do right now, one funny thing about the market right now is the fact that predictions are also failing, this too as created thousands of fear in the mind of so many people and also giving room for crypto critic's to come after holders too.

Lot of contents as been written during this period and lot of suggestions as been given to everyone holding a coin or the other, most user's are now in stage of decision making as to what they ought to do during this period, honestly I don't see this time as the best time for any young or new investor's to come in as it has given them a wrong definition of what the crypto market can bring at times, but on the other way round this is definitely a better means of learning all that needs to do with the high and low of the crypto market.

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Imagine when the dip keeps getting dipper, or buying the dip and it goes up , only to wake up and see that as gone Dipper more than the rate at which you bought a first, honestly this was one part of the market that I can't still get right ,most especially when you make decision to buy the dip and having this understanding that you have bought the biggest dip only to see that the dip also get dipper also.

Right now countries like El-salvador and the likes who as adopted Crypto as legal tender will be feeling some how at this moment, most especially those who as been using it since it introduction, I want to believe that there are some set of individuals who don't buy this idea at first, this to me as indeed created an avenue for them to mocked those who accepted the initiative after it was introduced to the country base on the level of dip that as hit the crypto market recently.

Even if I buy the dip , I still lose

This is one thing many can't explain, even if you ask @leo am definitely sure he won't be able to give a valid response to this, our understanding as moved from buying the dip to get profit in return this days, cause the dip might even go dipper than expected.

Recently it seems no one is even thinking about what the dip is right now as some individuals can't resist the level at which the dip get dipper too, this as actually brought around lot of fear and uncertainty in the mind of so many investor's right now and honestly this at one hand is giving those saying no to crypto been a legal tender an avenue to get the better of those who have invested so much in it, but who to blame for this?

Also the ideology that comes with buying the dip seems to be failing right now as our normal belief as regards buying the dip as change of recent , you buy the dip with an expectation to see the market regain it strength the next day, but right now , buying the dip seems to be different as it get dipper even after buying the dip

Currently every aspect of crypto is definitely suffering right now, even the NFT community has their own heating them at this moment , everything currently looking like another pharaoh as enter the red sea again, Hive and Bitcoin at a point regain it strength only for both to be sliding back to the dip ocean days later, honestly all this put together this moment is raising concern as to why do I even need to buy the dip at all.

Everyone has right to their opinion

I will say irrespective of the critics right now I will still say people who don't see the level of growth in the token are the one talking and to me this not the first time that this will be heating the crypto market, this current bear run is not the first and on the other way round won't be the last also, I will honestly say people will definitely mock you when you buy the dip and it get dipper base on the volume of cash lost as a result of that.

Take it or leave it, if buying the dip is currently the best thing you can do right now, Keep on doing that without looking at what people or individuals who don't believe In it will say, irrespective of this make sure the level of cash used in investing in the dip is definitely what you can afford to lose, cause the dip can always getting dipper too.

Don't forget that those set of individuals that engage in critcising crypto are always up to something . As their best advise will be that you shouldn't buy the dip so that you can sell off that which you are holding too, the moment you sell, you lose more than you have lost before.

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