Ask Leo: The Leofinance you missed and the Leofinance you meet


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One of the biggest adage I grew up to know goes thus "you won't know how things were when you are not there", same thing happened to so many of us, especially for those who don't meet Leofinance at the early stage, should it just be all about Leofinance community alone,but Hive Blockchain as a whole as indeed gotten lot of improvements compared to what it use to be.

Focusing on the subject of the contest is definitely one thing that is important now and all thanks to @khaleelkazi and @leogrowth for bringing my idea into reality. I might not have met Leofinance in it early days too, but this initiative is definitely going to bring back to life lot of things so many individuals don't know, permit me to say this is definitely one of the best contest in the community too as it is definitely going to refresh lot of user's understanding and also open their knowledge to what Leofinance used to be before and what it is now.

Honestly I have less to talk about, most especially with just 345 days spent so far on Hive Blockchain, little do I know, but the fun of writing and not for reward is what is behind my participation too.

The Leofinance Then

Take it or leave it, the Leofinance I met was definitely one of the toughest one too, compared to what will use to have now, giving contents that as to do with the community is very vital as upvote and recognition were things hard for the weak , aside the introduction of cub airdrop and announcement of token that was on board as at that time nothing seems to be more fascinating, though the level of informations passed across on daily basis was really awesome, all thanks to @khaleelkazi for giving us daily informations as regards the cub token and that is needed in ensuring that user's who are in the community don't missed out.

Really don't have enough to say, but joining the contest is definitely one thing that as make my engagement more fun too, hoping to read from others who really kick start the community and waiting to learn more about what Leo verse entails

The Leofinance now

Not even the Leofinance they planned for, ask @leofinance and his team you will get to understand that their is still more to come in the community,but nevertheless it is very important that we look at how far the community as gone compared to what it used to be before. Honourably speaking, massive recognition goes to the Leofinance team, base on the numbers of initiatives that as being introduced in order to ensure that we all have a perfect life here on Hive Blockchain

A quick look at some of the initiatives that the Leofinance of now as given us

Leo power up day( The stake and earn initiative)

I know you know hive power up day, but the community really get more better with the introduction of Leo power up day, what can we say about an Initiative that as break and set lot of records in few months, the Leofinance team indeed understand the importance of staking, especially when it comes to helping members who find it hard to stake, the introduction of the Leo power up day as indeed strengthen the staking ability of lot of individuals unlike before and also increased the level of awareness in terms of staking of Leo token, recently in our today's Leofinance , the rate at which user's staked Leo as increased compared to the rate it was before, take it or leave it , this is the very first intiative that gives you rewards for staking anywhere on Hive Blockchain and it is definitely here on Leofinance community.

In our today's Leofinance community, staking is paramount just as engagement too is vital.

Threads, the best microblogging initiative

It can only get better and that is why where we are now is not the stopping edge as we believed that more is yet to come, you can't take it away from the Leofinance team, especially with lot of structures put in place so far inorder to increase productivity and even take us from where we should to be to where we are now.

Threads is definitely one of the biggest initiatives on Leofinance and arguably the best so far in terms of engagement and contents creation, this Twitter like initiative as indeed taken Leofinance community worldwide unlike what it used to be before, right now engagement is more easier on Leofinance, the freedom that this ideology give to the community is definitely one of the biggest gifts right now, with this their is an end to a must crypto or financial talk that as chased lot of user's away from the community back then.

It as been established that #Threads on it own as indeed increased the level of engagement in the community, making the Leofinance of now much better than what will use to have before, just like I said earlier it can only get better, but of all the community Is definitely better than what it is used to be some years ago. All thanks to the Leo team.

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