How to Swap Tokens on 1INCH Exchange


Hello everybody, 1inch DEX aggregator and liquidity protocol offer 3 main services to users: trading, staking, and liquidity mining. Today I am going to explain how to use swap function on 1inch Exchange.

How do you swap on 1INCH

  • Choose one of the available two modes, i.e., simple or classic.


  • Click on the Connect wallet button in the upper right corner. Click on I read and accept. Choose the Network and the wallet (e.g. Metamask) in the popup window. Then, click on the connect button.


  • Select the token we wish to swap from the drop-down menu and enter the amount in "you pay" area. Next, select the token we want to get in "you receive" area.


  • 1inch exchange has an "Advanced Settings" option that can be activated by clicking on the "Settings" button in the upper right corner, which allows users to tinker with a trade's slippage tolerance, gas price, exchanges to be routed to, etc. As a beginner, you could skip this step.


  • Click the Give permission to swap button. It grants permission and does not perform the actual exchange.


  • Click the swap token button, and then confirm the transaction in the wallet.
    Wait for the banner in the upper right corner telling that transaction was successful.

Hope you found today’s article helpful. If you want to learn more about trading follow me at @fizzonmyjayyce. Have a nice day :)

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