Grain Run, Butcher Cones Setup, Weeding, Building Deck Part 1, Fire, Grilling - Saturday


5:00am yesterday morning I was out the door and headed to town to pickup grain. I had 3 full barrels to pickup at the first brewery then made my way to downtown which was not as screwed up by Hoopfest as I had expected.


I made it to the Steam Plant with little problems since 1st street was open. The news said it would be closed so I was happy to see it open since it makes things easier.


I had 3 barrels to load up with one of each set of 3 in the bed of the truck. It was a bit different path to head home, at least in downtown, and when I hit Division south of where I normally turn there was a pile of homeless camped along the sides of the street. Insane how many there are now.


Home by a little after 6am and I was shortly out for my soak.


Once I had my post done for the day I headed out to let the birds out and to dump the grain out. I emptied the 4 barrels from the trailer into the sheep pen in the corner and then emptied the 2 barrels in the truck out below the lower garden. I still have to spread it all out as I haven't done the first two piles.


FedEx delivered at 10am and I got my new restraining cones for butchering. I headed out and got them mounted right away. I now have a row of 7 cones setup in the butcher area.


I had the idea after looking at industrial processing equipment to mount a gutter beneath the cones to collect the blood so I can use it for the garden. With the birds restrained they won't be flopping around and spraying blood everywhere like all the other times we have butchered.


Ended up pretty well lined up and I am anxious to see how well the setup will work.


Next I weeded the last rows in the gardens, the chard and beets rows. At the end of the chard row I pulled this snake skin out with the handful of weeds. Nice 2 foot long garter snake skin.


I filled only two tubs with the weeds which then went to the sheep.


I took a break for a little bit to eat and rest before heading to the studio to work on the deck. First thing I had to do was set my pier blocks.


Then I set a line to determine the length of 4x4 I would need for each which got cut quickly and then installed. I used 3 levels to ensure I was correct.


As I stood by the project I heard a crunching in the bushes and as I looked close I saw this little wasp eating the dead leaves. I guess not so much eating as gathering since the dead leaves are likely to be used for its nest.


I got the pier blocks set and the beam installed atop the risers then installed the joist hangers on the studio side. I then installed the brackets on the beam before running back to the house to quadruple measure the deck for the length of the runners I had to cut. I did have to lower the board on the studio about half an inch to make sure the door opens over the decking which required some lowering of the pier blocks. I still have to lower the far one some today.


All 13 got cut and then installed in the brackets and hangers. So many screws made it rather tedious but it is quite strong now.


The decking is still on the pallet from delivery by the other studio so I loaded up 8 sticks on my truck and drove them up. No way was I going to carry them that far.


I cut all the sticks to 12 foot length and set them on the deck to install.


I found that the siding needed to be cut above the decking so I pulled out the metal shears and cut up to an inch from the bottom.


I was then able to install all the decking and put the old stairs on for temporary.


I'm rather pleased with how it has come out and now I have the 16 foot length of deck to build that runs along the length of the front.


In the center support for the roof over the slider a bird has made a nest. I didn't see any birds in it so it may have already been used for the year.


I had J make a fire earlier in the day which they kept going till evening when I built it up some more before grilling our beefallo burgers.


Jax was waiting for my plate while I ate.


Headed out to soak after my shower but did not make it super late as I had been up since 4:30am.


Today I want to keep working on the deck but it is going to be in the upper 80s F and over 90 tomorrow. Te grass needs to be cut again but I may wait till tomorrow morning to do that, I have to reseed beans in hopes that they actually will produce this year still, and I will see what else I have the energy for.

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It's cool how this deck will wrap around. I also liked the shots of the wasp and leaves.