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Yesterday morning I got the first small harvest of summer squash which ended up being about 5 pounds. I was looking back at my records and a number of years prior to last year I was not making sales until mid July which tells me that the garden was similar to this year. It's a bit of a craps shoot on getting my seeds in so early, sometimes it pays off and other times it bites me.


Much of my morning was taken by the fencing. First I took down the geo-grid I had up then after putting in two fence posts I laid out the roll of fence.


I came up a bit short on the end so had to grab a small piece I had by the chickens to add on.


It got me past the tree and up to the trail to the top of the hill. I had to cut the brush out before I could even get the fencing rolled out, which took a bit of time and some serious shears work.


I had hiked up the hill as I was going to mark the fence line path downhill to the fence I had just put in but I got side tracked by the eagle nest. This was on the ground beneath it and the feathers were under their perch/preening tree a short ways away in the sheep pen. I ended up wandering the fence line and dropped back down the hill.


I rolled and folded all the geo-grid and stacked it to put away. It is amazingly strong stuff and has lasted these 12 years I have had it with little wear or degradation.


The fence post is now the end of the good fence and from here I will be running field fence up the hill.


I am going to make the gate be just the field fencing and I will make it double tall in this spot so the deer are less tempted. Their trail comes up from the creek to the right so it is imperative that I dissuade them as much as possible.


We have a bird nesting on the studio under the front roof on the center support. It looks like a flycatcher which is always a useful bird to have around.


One of the many varied train related things that gets dredged up around the property. I dug this out of the brush and it is an old train signal light cover. It likely had a hinge on it and the lock would have been held by the chain by the hasp. "Dressel Railway Lamp & Signal"


I looked over at the cherry tree to see R climbing up in it trying to get at the ripe cherries. I had him climb down and I got the ladder setup in the orchard setup. I have a pair of fencing pipes that I bolt onto my ladder to give me multi point stability. It works really well for getting up into the cherry or apple tree.


I then used it to harvest over a pound of cherries. This is the most cherries we have ever gotten from the tree!


I am rather impressed with the little speaker box I built. It is just as loud as the two 10" subs and two 3way shelf speakers that I was running before and it takes up WAY less space being two 6 inch subs and two 2way 4 inch speakers. I changed out the wires on them to give me a bit more length to get them set outside for better sound carrying.


I have been meaning to move my row cover storage for a while and finally got to it. I leveled out a spot next to the panting pots and moved the pallet and cage over. The boys had a blast with it until I began to fill it again.


Under the pallet I found this massive slug and I tossed it at R who then got slimed big time. It took him forever to get his hands cleaned afterwards.


All my row cover is now right next to the primary rows I use it for, the tomatoes and cucumber rows.


I put the sheet of metal on as a lid then protected the corner with a cut off piece of pool noodle. You can see it is right at his eye level so HAS to be protected.


I had a bunch of brush from the fence that I wanted to burn so got a fire going which ended up getting used to grill the turkey kielbasa for dinner.


It finally happened, a rooster found his way through by the gate as I was standing by it, luckily. I quickly ushered it out then stapled a piece of plastic fence over the area to keep it from happening again.


The turkeys mill about by the tool shed and are getting fairly easy to catch and are seeming less perturbed each time I do.


I got the trailer hooked up and the barrels locked down for this morning for which I am already home from getting grain.


R enjoyed the ladder and spent a bit of his evening standing atop it in the midst of the cherry tree.


J spent a part of his day working on his little Lego house which he is trying to get as fast as possible at building it. They have the Guinness world record book and it talks about the fastest to put together a Lego set.


Soaking was nice after my shower and the long day of work.


I went to put the birds in and grabbed a turkey to carry it to the hut and the thing gave me a nasty scratch all down my inner forearm. Took a while to stop bleeding before I could go to bed.


I have been to town and back this morning, a half hour later than I wanted. I have to empty the grain soon, check on daily harvests, then I need to flag the path of the fence down the hill. I have to see how much of the tree they left will have to be cut to make the path. We have Azure pickup this evening so I am not sure if I will be grilling or not.

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Hello @flemingfarm
It must be such a rewarding feeling to harvest your own crop.
Your activity looked amazing, and the kids seem to have enjoyed it too. Being in nature is so amazing, and it's a bonus to have access to all that plantation.
Nice post! :)))


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