Missing You!!! (Short Poem)


Maybe heart waves back again,
In the warmth of the black blanket,
When eyes close the dream with it;
And the nights fall into, cold and spooky.


They say, lost love never meets again ever,
Like the waters flow downstream to the close,
Sea meets with it but never hears the song,
I do look for you ;but you never see the sight.

I didn’t want to write a letter to you darling,
When I saw your face faded from me and I,
Cant sleep and hear the tone of the melody,
My days went away with it and the distress.

Every single day,I wait for you in the eve,
When the sun falls down and darkness all over,
Grasp me like I never been in light with you,
Its the drive--but pain never stops -it goes on & on...

Here,the Timer Stops.

5 Minute Prompt Write, 🕛⏰

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