HIVEAce is second winner again


Another brawl is finished and the second place is looking to be a regular outcome for HIVEAce. Fighting Illini managed to get 6 more battle victories on their list and secured first place. YGG Wax street bet came in 3rd with 5 battle victories less than we had. @badnewsbeards had won all of his 4 battles, all the other participants showed strong results but have also some room for improvement for the next brawl.

All but one Frays have been filled and all fights have been fought by our Guild - so congratulations to the engagement! We have won spoils of 29 Crowns and each fully participating member was awarded 1,338 Merits.

Just for the record, the individual results of our team:

PlayerFights/CoveredResult Win/Lost/Draw
@braaiboy9/98W / 1L / 0D
@followgrubby9/97W / 2L / 0D
@kingdip9/97W / 2L / 0D
@thebluewin8/86W /2L /0D
@targanftp9/96W / 3L / 0D
@city-of-berlin9/95W / 4L / 0D
@fragmentarion9/95W / 4L / 0D
@badnewsbeards4/44W / 0L / 0D
@moon32walker5/54W / 1L / 0D
@eirik9/94W / 5L /0D
@ctrpch7/73W / 4L / 0D
@coyotelation3/32W / 1L / 0D
@ladywalker4/42W / 2L / 0D

Thank you guys for your commitment and active participation! Lets go for the next brawl with some gladiators ready to beat the competition!

PlayerLifetime Points contributed