HiveAce was victorious once again


HiveAce finsished another Brawl with a great peformance and made it to the secound place. Each and every player has contributed at least some points to that great achievement. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention who won the competition and the data seems to be gone, as after the Brawl is right in front of the next Brawl and recruitment has already been started again. HiveAce has won spoils of 23 Crowns and each fully participating member was awarded 1,062 Merits.

Just for the record, the individual results of our team:

PlayerFights/CoveredResult Win/Lost/Draw
@fragmentarion8/86W / 2L / 0D
@thebluewin6/65W /1L /0D
@coyotelation5/54W / 1L / 0D
@followgrubby7/73W / 4L / 0D
@city-of-berlin8/84W / 4L / 0D
@eirik8/84W / 4L /0D
@ctrpch8/84W / 4L / 0D
@targanftp9/94W / 5L / 0D
@kingdip7/72W / 4L / 1D
@moon32walker5/52W / 3L / 0D
@ladywalker2/21W / 1L / 0D
@badnewsbeards3/31W / 2L / 0D

Thank you guys for your commitment and active participation! Let's go for the next brawl with some gladiators ready to beat the competition!

Knowing that due to the different levels and difficulties of the frays they can't be compared against each other, i will keep a list of won Lifetime point fo reach player anyway.

PlayerLifetime Points contributed