Music in Me ❤️


Music is life for those that understands music and where I am driving at. I wish to share my deepest feelings of music with you so can understand how important music is to me, considering the pains of the heart, sharing my soul with you so you can understand what I am going through.
My quest for music cannot be compared and there's nothing to compare to music for me in the whole world, music makes me better than my favorite person's at times when ever I am lost thought many see me as a crazy person,mock me but music can never mock me it treats me like a gold.
I know there are people who think and feel music the same way as I do because they know music lives in us everyday my heart beats in times with the sound of the music,at times I may be smiling on the outside but crying on the side but who always understands me music it's music or nothing else. With all that I have been through I am surprised that I can still insane with music, nothing seems to ease my pain than music.
Many times I am forced to cover it, sometimes I can't and I get overcome but the music still understand me, I like the pains that I can control with music and I love the rain because it's good to cry in but I never have to cry with music because music understands me more than I understand myself. Thanks for music.

Thanks for visiting my post.