Hive Game Stats & Giveaway - STARBITS/DEC/WOO to grab

Hello all friends welcome to my play3earn game status post,

Sharing my game update/stats for @splinterlands @risingstargame @wrestorgonline
I love to play the games every day and steady and slowly, I am progressing in game.

Risingstargame - The Plat to Earn NFT Music Career Game

The is one of the simplest game on Hive Blockchain and I spend good time playing this game.
Let me share my game stats.
Game Level - 277 (10348/13850)
Total Mission Completed - 20027
Promote Fan Club Mission Completed - 299
Fan Base (Permanent) - 68063
Skill - 197799 (Ego-4%)
Last Day Starbit Earing - 27971

i played the game and my daily targets to earn minimum 35K starbits but from last few days I stuck at 25K and the reason is less time to play the game. Last day starbits earning was slightly bette rthen previous day earning.
Have not purchased any new pack.

Splinterlands - Battle & Earn

Currently I am battling in Diamond III with 2805 Raring. Opened 7 loot chests in last quest rewards and received one cards (three copies), SPS, Potion and Merits.

Here are the rewards form anther account. I love the Helios Matriarch, A Dragon summoner which gives +1 speed buff to the team.

Wrestorgonline - WrestOrgOnline

The game is in development stage and not fully functional. The airdrop for holding the Game assets is the main source of earning the WOO token in game at present. Staked aproc 5k more WOO Token and till now staked 173k WOO token and earning WOO Staking rewards.

Staking rewards are showing 28.14 APR which is very good in current market scenario.

Mining is awesome. Received 73630.136 WOO token form mining and 83741.109 WOO token form Airdrop till now.
Sony Onoo is really a very useful card for mining.

Giveaway time

To participate in give away just comment on this post. The winner will be announced in the coming post.

What is to grab (any one of below).

DEC - 100

Starbits - 1000

WOO - 100

You can mentioned the choice in comment section also. if the choice is not written in comment section then I will send any one from above.

In the last giveaway four people participated so I decided to use to chose a winner.

So the winner is @yeckingo1

Sent 100 WOO token to the winner.

Many congratulations to the winner.

Last time I have posted from my kids account by mistake.
Please do follow this account so that you will not miss any giveaway.

How's your game play?

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Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral link and start earn Starbits token.

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Thanks for prize!
I want to participate @yeckingo1
Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to all the participants.