Splinterlands battles | Learn by example #2 | Evading opportunity

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Splinterlands battles | Learn by example

In this series I want to showcase certain battles where you can learn from mistakes or from successful moves.

The battle

In this battle I wanted to show you a battle with the opportunity rule. When I first started playing splinterlands I would always think about the offensive strength of this rule. Bring all your heavy melee hitters and -if possible- buff them up, sounds like a solid strategy right?

The problem is that the enemy gets the same benefits. In bronze/silver/gold leagues I found that you can often get the edge if you also consider the defensive aspect.

For those of you who don't know, the opportunity ability gives all monsters the ability to hit from any position and they will attack the enemy monster with the lowest health. This means that you should have a low health creature that the enemy would struggle with to kill. Enter evading/flying/high attack speed monsters, but make sure that their health is lower than your other monsters.

In this case I decided to throw a serpent of eld into the lineup. A card that I would rarely use in other situations. However, in an high mana opportunity battle, this card makes sense.

Link to battle


Sadly enough, my disintegrator has the same amount of health than the serpent of eld so he gets taken down first. However, the important factor here is, that if I had chosen another monster (with higher health) instead of the serpent, the next target would be the demented shark, which is a very strong card in this case because he buffs all other monsters.

You can clearly see how the enemy team struggles to take down the serpent, and this leaves us with a huge advantage.


Long story short, think about the defensive situation in an opportunity game. Which one of your monsters will be taken down first, and make sure that you anticipate this and try to counter this as good as possible. As I already mentioned, you can do this with high attack speed, evasion and flying, but low health and high armor with the shield ability would also be a great option.


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