Splinterlands | Weekly battle challenge: Weaken Wednesday

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This is my entry for the weekly battle challenge where you have a chance to earn some SBT.
Anyone can participate so make sure to take a look at the challenge on @drabs587 HIVE.

The theme this week was weaken wednesday:

This week I want you to submit a battle with weaken monsters. This is a great ability lowering the enemy's HP by 1 and can play a huge part in the battles. If you can stack multiple weakens that is a huge bonus however as most of you will be in sliver or lower it will be nearly impossible to do as most of the weaken monsters get it at higher level. Still there are a few monsters that get it a level 1 like goblin shaman, undead priest, and swamp thing.

About the battle

Link to the battle


This was one of the few games where I think I can analyze it in less than a second and end up being wrong. I thought I would lose as soon as I saw a level 2 haunted spirit. Not only is it a very strong monster, my lineup also doesn't deal with him very well, having 1 sneak and 1 snipe monster in the lineup, there isn't too much focus fire on the enemy tank, which means that he will be able to heal up multiple times.

However, turned out my lineup had just enough damage to take home the win with only one hit away from losing the game.

Both of us have a weaken monster in the lineup, I assume we both had the idea to make the enemy die faster than they anticipated to the earthquake, but we both ended up using Brighton bloom to avoid the damage.


I end up killing the chicken and the undead priest really fast, and now my entire team can focus on killing the big guy.

I realize I have a chance at winning, but I'm still thinking it's going to be really close. The weakness in his lineup is the fact that he only has 1 attacking monster. This means that he has to spend 4 rounds on killing a chicken + uraeus + creeping ooze. This gives me enough time to actually kill the haunted spirit.

However, as I said before, it ended up being really close:


Good fight @whiteonion!


What Is SBT?

If you wanna know more about SBT Check out this post by the creator of the token. It explains all the uses for it and milestones to come. Link to the post here: SBT Milestones You May Have Missed.

Credit to @itzninjafool for coming up with this idea and sponsoring many of us to give it out and spread it around to the community.


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