Late Update : Biggest Pack Opening By Me Till Now | 50 RiftWatchers Packs Opening.

Hey there good people of Splinterlands,
How are you all doing today?
I hope everything is going great with you all...

The pack openings, sometimes you get 4x-5x of your pack value from a single pack (those luckiest ones), and sometimes (read the majority of times) you only get a fraction of the pack value in return from a bunch of packs.
The pack openings are so unpredictable.

That's why I love to watch the pack openings from others, what they got from their packs, and, I also, love to share with people my results of pack opening/s.

50 riftwatchers packs opening.png

In this post, I will share the biggest pack opening from me till now.
50 Riftwatchers packs... I know, I know, the numbers are not sooo big, but to me it is.

So, let's go and open some packs...

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Riftwatchers Packs Opening

I bought 50 Riftwatchers packs on the pre-sale and eagerly waited for the pack-opening day.
Unfortunately, when the day came, and the RW packs opening starts, I was away from my computer for 2 days, that's why I opened my RW packs 2 days later.
I recorded the whole process as a memory and to share with you what I got from those packs and here are the screen recording of the 50 RW packs opening -
Please note that I split the whole number of packs into 5 packs per opening.

Riftwatchers First 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers First 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Second 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Second 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Third 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Third 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Fourth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Fourth 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Fifth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Fifth Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Sixth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Sixth 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Seventh 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Seventh 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Eighth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Eighth 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Ninth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Nineth 5 Pack Opening.gif

Riftwatchers Tenth 5 Packs Opening

Rifterwatchers Tenth 5 Pack Opening.gif

Pagebreaker New.png

Riftwatchers Packs Opening Summary

As you can see, I was not so lucky about the outcome of the 50 Riftwatchers packs... as always...
If we calculate the cost, it took me 50 x $5 worth of SPS = $250, additionally, 50 VOUCHERs were required which was worth 1.35 HIVE/VOUCHER @ $0.633/HIVE = $0.8544/VOUCHER (approx.) at the time of buying the packs.
So, it costs me a total of $250+$43 = $293 to buy those 50 RW packs.
And if we count the prices of the cards I got from the packs

First 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Second 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Third 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Fourth 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Fiftht 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Sixth 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Seventh 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Eighth 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Ninth 5 Pack Price Summery.png

Tenth 5 Pack Price Summery.png

The total card value as per current market -
List Value - $195.68
Market Value - $181.78

So, I'm at a big loss right now and I guess the prices of these cards will get lowered over time when more RW packs will open.

These are the summarized cards after merging the duplicate ones -

Fire Splinter

Fire Splinter.png

Water Splinter

Water Splinter.png

Earth Splinter

Earth Splinter.png

Life Splinter

Life Splinter.png

Death Splinter

Death Splinter.png

Dragon Splinter

Dragon Splinter.png

Neutral Splinter

Neutral Splinter.png

Pagebreaker New.png

And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

If you want to try this fun play2earn game Splinterlands, feel free to join here -

Until next time,
Akash Kumar.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

OMG! nice rift opening and enjoyed the gif work. Rift cards are much less in total circulation than chaos and rewards but in battles most of them will be needed. 😉


I'm glad you liked the gif work mate.
And thank you for the generous upvote.
Have a great day.