Splinterlands Diary: Day 1 | Showcasing My Everyday Splinterlands Earnings And Battle History.

Hey there my Splinterlands fam,
How are you all today?? I hope everything is going good with you in the Splinterverse.

As you all know, I'm a Splinterlanders for almost 2 and a half years. I've seen the ups and downs of this game, played almost 14K battles, all by myself, and never used a bot.
I didn't count my investment in the Splinterlands, but I think I reached my ROI long ago.
I had some decent cards like Scarred Llama Mage, Byzantine Kitty, GF Azmare Harpoonist, GF The Vigilator, and many more, those I sold at almost half price in 2022 great bear market to cover my losses on alt coins trading. Which I regret the most.

Anyway, It's been weeks since I was thinking to share my Splinterlands progress on a daily basis with you guys, and of course the best battle of the day whenever possible.

Splinterlands Diary.png

And here I am writing this post with the details of my Splinterlands account, the earnings and battle history.

So, bear with me and read the remaining blog post...

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Stats Of the Account

Splinterlands Diary Day 01 Stats.png

Silver League.
Rating: 2122
W/L Out Of The Last 20 Battles Faught: 16 Win/4 Lose
Focus Chests Acquired: 12 (Silver chests)
Season Chests Acquired: 40 (so far)

So, that's basically the current stats of my account. In the next blog, I'll update those stats.

SPS Earning Stats

Day 03 SPS Earnings.png

As the season-ending comes closer, we earn less SPS per battle. Also, the level, edition, and, version(GF or Regular) of the card plays a vital role in how much SPS we will earn per winning battle.
So, as you can see, I bagged a total of 14.473 SPS till the focus end.

SPS Earning Breakdown:

Ranked Battle: 12.585 SPS
Focus Chests: 0.699 SPS
Nightmare packs rewards: 1.189 SPS

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Day 01 Rewards.png

Now here comes the juicy part. Opening the focus chests.

Reward Highlight:

Wos, after a long time I got a GF rare summoner, the Eternan Brune. The time will tell the value of these SB cards when they get unlocked and ready to trade.
Got another earth summoner Lobb Lowland.
No luck for a big amount of SPS or a CL pack though.

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Tips Of The Day

While playing in the 'Noxious Fumes' (poison) ruleset, try to use a 'heal' ability monster in the back row position, if you don't have any 'immunity' monster available.

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Playing Splinterlands becomes a part of my everyday life. I feel proud that I never used any bot to play Splinterlands. Even on my busiest days, I always make some time to play at least 7-10 battles at least.
I try to use my ECR very carefully and never go beyond the allocated limit of 50 battles. I play 22-25 battles on average every day.
I mostly play with rented cards and I pay 12K-15K per month as a rental fee. I'm thinking to buy some cards to complete the deck I play the most. See the plan here to cut off this rental cost and turn this into a profit.
Not to mention, writing on Hive is helping me greatly lately, and thanks to you guys for supporting me. Please keep supporting me like this.

So, that's all for today. See you in the next episode of the Splinterlands Diary.
Until then, peace.
Akash M.


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You have done well with your win rate on the battlefield


Yo, sorry for the late bro. Yeah, I only apply some practiced strategy for certain rulesets over and over, in all battles. That's all.
Thanks for stopping by.