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Every time I tell friends to come in, they tell me I'm coming, I'm coming, but they never go anywhere,
You read I say when they want to enter it will be too late and they will barely earn pennies with the arrival of the massive tokenized web.
My robbed friend has just entered and I am trying to guide him but I think he is getting disappointed and he has only been a week, I see that I will have a long task ahead of me.
Rocket against a pertardo, my goodness that is monstrous if at those levels we speak, erasing ourselves from the map is just one click away from the system.
but hey, the banks are overflowing with cash that they want to place it at all costs since there are not many people willing to take on debts at this time of a pandemic,
I feel that the Virtual reality that was born 5 years ago has lagged a little behind compared to the other advance, or maybe I have lagged behind in this industry,
Internet and mobile phones are the basis of our youth without it they feel naked, unlike you and I who can send it for a had and enjoy a good coffee or a good walk in the field nothing more rewarding than that, but hey Young people do not know those pleasures that you and I do.
I do not know how they will integrate agriculture, maybe I will put on a helmet in the future and from a machine I am operating a tractor that will do the work for me in the field while I will be comfortably operating from a remote control or virtual reality helmet, perhaps for There I go, but well I think there will be a lot of work for the mechanics of this branch that for now there is not even truth.
mmmmmmmm new financial system yes but there are always large companies emerging that are always controlling everything see the big exchanges will be like the big financial entities of the moment, but at least one decide where to place and how to place.
Hopefully this changing focus allows us to live better.

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