RE: The Need For Hive Power Is Going To Grow

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sorry to be late, I miss coming to post but with time sometimes I barely manage to read your wonderful references that update us, but I'm still here, always pending in my world of full nature.

Well let's hope that the hive does not disrupt us with these changes and with hundreds of accounts that will demand Hp to operate or RC that we will have to delegate to give them the opportunity to operate and 28 comments for every 100 HP is too little for someone who operates infinitely to operate hundreds of comments a day so it will be necessary that we proceed to provide support to all who need it, unfortunately that is not the chaos I have invited friends, I have bought accounts for them but people are still lazy, I have delegated them 25 hp that have been completely forgotten that I have had to recover a month later for lack of diligence sometimes I think I'm not doing the right job but well,

so here we are, thanks for the update I didn't know that Twitter had so much growth over the years, by the way when I go in to browse I see that there are many here that foresee rambling on centralized T and F networks, that give them no benefit than being here interacting and I say wow these are on the wrong path all be it for trying to engage friends that come here.

but well we are still waiting for blanck project that will change the world here in our beloved network.

My lord I am here I have not retired I am just short on time.