The Hundred Great Personalities..!!


Michael Hart spent 28 years writing his book, The Hundred Great Personalities, and when he had completed his compilation, held an unveiling ceremony in London in which he was to announce that he was the greatest man in history. Who is the great personality?

When he came to the dice, a large number of people tried to interrupt him through whistles, noise and protest, so that he could not finish his speech.
Then he began to say:

A man stands in a small town in Makkah and says to the people, "I am the Messenger of Allah." I have come to improve your morals and habits, so only four people believe him. I had his wife, a friend and 2 children.

1400 years have passed since then ... With the passage of time, the number of his followers has now crossed one and a half billion. And its followers are increasing day by day. And it is not possible for that person to be a liar because it is impossible for a lie to survive for 1400 hundred years. And it is not possible for anyone to deceive one and a half billion people. ...

Yes, one more thing!
Even today, after such a long time, millions of people are always ready to sacrifice their lives for his honor. Is there a Christian or a Jew who sacrifices his life for the honor of his prophet or even for the sake of his Lord ...?
Undoubtedly, that great personality of history is "Hazrat Muhammad".

After that, the whole hall was filled with silence in the awe and glory of this great personality and Sayyid al-Bashar.

If you have read it, then recite Durood Sharif, and mention this great figure of history on your wall.