Alcohol have different effects.


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The opposite can be said for those who overdo it with alcohol, impairs cognitive function and damages all organs. Alcohol abuse can contribute to or directly cause high blood pressure, obesity, cardiomyopathy (significant weakening of the heart muscle), heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and sudden cardiac death. Other risk factors include alcoholism, and alcohol abuse is a common cause of many car accidents .


Alcohol is a common cause of such accidents

You may have heard or felt that alcohol is a depressant ( it has been proven that during sobriety a person becomes depressed ), that it dehydrates the body and that if you drink only one drink within an hour you will stay sober, etc. Most of these statements are indeed true, but the rest depend on a number of factors!

Alcohol works differently on a full stomach, some Asians and those taking aspirin. To fight back, the human body has developed the ability to produce an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. This enzyme gets hit by alcohol, is released when it passes through the lining of your stomach, and especially when alcohol reaches the liver.

Thus began a process of aldehyde dehydrogenesis , which can be defined as a type of cleansing method considered to be the cause of hangovers and dehydration. It seems simple, doesn't it? In general, this is the struggle between how much you can drink, compared to how quickly the enzyme in question can break down the breakdown of alcohol.

Young men can actually have 70-80% more enzymatic activity in the presence of alcohol in their body. But this effectiveness in men decreases with age faster than in women. So men aged 55-60 may be able to handle less alcohol than their cup-sized counterparts of women the same age!

  • food don't consume alcohol, stomach system helps in break down of alcohol.

Your body knows that there is food inside it and holds it so that it can be processed well, so it holds it before it passes through the small intestine, thus giving your body more time to work on dealing with alcohol. Drink on an empty stomach and the liquid will quickly go to your small intestine, where there is about 200 square meters of area for absorption of substances in your body and a guarantee that you will break down very quickly!

Our dna and genetics helps in good absorption.

Alcohol, as we know, has a reaction such as redness of the face and nose due to the cleansing crew of aldehyde dehydrogenesis, which in turn is related to your ability to break down alcohol and its by-products, the degree of success and speed of which depends on your genetics.

-hangover is good , you can taken aspirin.

Aspirin seriously reduces the effectiveness of enzymes that break down alcohol in your body. So before you think about using aspirin as a hangover helper, think again.


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Hi @genx-miner

Certainly there are multiple detrimental effects that alcohol causes in our organism, to the point of decreasing our longevity, I didn't know this you mention "aspirin seriously reduces the effectiveness of the enzymes that break down alcohol in your body", I will keep it in mind, even though I don't like to consume alcohol lol.

Best regards, be well.


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