Alcohol is good for health


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Come on! Every few weeks, a study shows that a glass of wine or an old drink prolongs life if not overdone. Clinical and experimental studies of 1,824 people over a total of 20 years aged 55-65 years show that 69% of those who abstain completely die faster than 41% of those who drink in moderation. .



This is a difference of as much as 23% in favor of regular moderate drinkers! Even heavy drunks manage to do better in this study than abstainers! It is logical to ask the question, how can a substance that our body considers poison, a substance that makes us feel like a rag after overdoing it, be useful to some extent?

Popular theories say that the reason for this is the contained antioxidants and some other useful components for the body, and that alcohol raises the levels of good HDL cholesterol. The connection between alcohol and longer life is not direct, but it is probably very real. This also applies to the benefits of alcohol in reducing stress, as well as the role of the drinker in facilitating meetings between people as a social lubricant.

longevity does it effect?

As I said, the connection is not right, but it has been proven by sociologists that loneliness can be extremely dangerous in the long run.

Here the connection between abstinence and social isolation is only hypothetical, but given the behavior of people when they drink in a good social environment, the relationships that arise in this way are reason to think that drinking in moderation does much more. easy for us to develop and promote our social relationships and to create connections, contacts and friends not to forget sexual relationships.

And these relationships, connections, contacts and friends keep us alive! Theoretically, you can build a good social network and have the same benefits if you are a drinker of only a diet car and water, but I honestly doubt it very much!

Most likely the combination of specific situations and alcohol, good company and low levels of stress again thanks to alcohol will be a good reason for your longer life and good social environment!

How much brain drain will happen.

It is true that at high concentrations of alcohol, almost 100% pure, used in sterilization can kill brain cells and neurons and almost everything else. But given that through the blood, your brain reaches about 0.08% alcohol if you are very slightly intoxicated or say 0.25% if you just closed a big deal in Tokyo and hit a big of ex, there is no danger of killing brain cells!

Don't you believe? A study by Grett Jensen and colleagues in 1993 comparing brain samples taken by both alcoholics and non-alcoholics showed that no significant differences were found in the number or density of brain cells in both groups!

Keep this in mind when the next time someone tells you that you are driving or performing a task better with the help of alcohol!

Drugs like LSD effects only few parts of your brain. But alcohol effects like a bom in the brain and every thing is disturbed in mind.


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