Sex and Alcohol


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The research in this direction is numerous and the conclusions from them as well. We all got drunk as a result of which we had a strong desire to hit something! I will not philosophize on this issue, as much has been said everywhere.



Alcohol can be a terrible sleep aid
How does alcohol actually work on our brain when we take the so-called evening drink? People have long believed that alcohol helps you fall asleep easier and sleep better - this may be true for some! After you fall asleep, however, the interaction of alcohol with the brain can lead to some fluctuations in sleep or not sleeping at all, especially if you have added caffeine during the day.

If you put coffee and alcohol in your system at the same time , your brain is trying to deal with both drugs, which can sometimes lead to quite restless sleep,If you add cigarettes to this combination, you will really burden your heart and I guarantee you that you will not have a good night!

Can alcohol save your life?

Here's great news: Drinking a glass or two of alcohol a day can actually extend your life ! What researchers at the University of Texas at Texas have found after studying people who drink and do not drink alcohol that those who drink 1-2 glasses of alcohol a day are less likely to die at an earlier age than those who get drunk every day and those who abstain completely from drinking no more abstinence.

And while it's not too much to think that drinking is good, scientists have found other interesting things about alcohol. The most surprising of which is that drinking can be more beneficial to your health than abstaining from it .

Which begs the question: Really?

Here are the details: Studies over 20 years have shown that 1,000 people who do not drink are 49% more likely to die from any cause than those who drink moderately. And this, regardless of the existing problems, health care, social factors and the economic status of the respondents!

BUT heavy drinkers are 42% more likely to die early than moderate drinkers. However, this study is filled with equal doses of excitement and skepticism. This is surprising and unexpected and certainly worth noting.

Alcohol is not disputed that in large quantities and regularly consumed can be harmful, but on the other hand, its consumption brings us a number of benefits for the cardiovascular system.

And if you now ask if I should start drinking even more to be healthier, the answer would be NO, just keep drinking a glass of red wine in the evening and everything will be ok, but for the wine in detail a little below in the article !!

a participant in a 20-year study on the effects of alcohol, says that most studies support the idea that virtually every type of alcohol is beneficial to the body in moderation. But the benefits must also be balanced with the risks associated with addiction and the risk of toxicity to the body.


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