I also want like the others to be able to sleep right away on a soft and warm bed but events during the day disturb my thoughts tonight.

For a moment I left the house carrying a glass of sweet tea to find my identity as a father and son who are devoted to parents. I don't want to be labeled as a disobedient child who dares to go against his parents.

My parents were worried about the fate of my household which could not be as successful as the others, they compared their youth with now.

In my heart I said "I also want to have a house, my own car and a good income"

But I can't control his destiny because I'm just a player who can follow the scenario. I just stay silent and hold my anger deep inside.

Even though my heart hurts, I have always loved her and still want to get my mother's blessing. No matter how bitter a mother's words are, good advice. I hope you stay healthy and live long.

It's just that the person behind me (wife) is not one heart with me, but I understand that because she is not my mother's flesh and blood. My job is how to unite two different minds.

It's hard for me to bear alone, but someone is ready to help me.

"The important thing is that I surrender and do what you are doing right, surrender to what is beyond your control," said my friend @lebah.

Thanks my friend now Hopefully we can meet again even though it's raining I'll be waiting for you at the usual place.