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I recently shared a new platform that I thought was very interesting, particularly for traders and investors. More information on this platform can be found on my Zignaly blog.

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ZIGNALY - A Crypto Social Investing Platform

Any platform will not be successful unless it offers products and services that benefit its users. We will learn more about Zignaly's products and services in this blog.

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Crypto Profit Sharing is the first product we'd like to learn about and discuss. One of Zignaly's major products that provides excellent service to its customers is Crypto Profit Sharing. This product will allow investors to invest in top-performing traders approved by the Zignaly Team without paying any fees, and only a percentage of the trader's profit will be deducted.

Simply put, find a pro trader on the Zignaly platform to manage your cryptocurrency, let them handle your trading, and only pay a fee if you profit.

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Zignaly's next product will be Crypto Copy Trading. Zignaly assured its clients that the traders are seasoned professionals who will benefit everyone on the platform. Clients using Crypto Copy Trading will be able to choose from all of the platform's pro traders based on their performance. Simply replicate the trader's trading activity as shown below.

  1. Connect Exchange - Connect your Zignaly account with your exchange using the secure API/Secret keys.

  2. Select a trader - No settings needed, no position edits, all is 100% managed by the trader you're copying.

  3. Set max fund - Just set the funds you want to invest in total, and it will use them proportionally.

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Crypto Signal is another excellent product that Zignaly provides. Because it only allows us to configure our account on Zignaly based on the best recommendations from traders, this product is typically suitable for trading beginners. This is only possible because some of the most important factors in purchasing any cryptocurrency signal what to buy and invest in. When choosing a great cryptocurrency for our investment, we must consider news, speculation, technical analysis, and current market conditions.

Zignaly provides a variety of Signal Providers for each client to consider, all of which have been verified by the Zignaly team.

Source: zignaly.com

Zignaly Bridge is yet another fantastic and useful product from Zignaly. A Zignaly Bridge was created with the goal of assisting and making it easy for all Zignaly clients to convert or swap Zig Tokens from different Blockchains.

This is accomplished by switching from a Zig Token based on one Blockchain to a Zig Token based on another. Simply put, it is the conversion of ZIG from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon to Solana and vice versa.

These are just four of Zignaly's major products and services; as we explore the platform, we will discover more. I'll go into more detail in a later post.

Looking forward for more information about Zignaly? Please stay tune for more updates.

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NOTE: As we all that Cryptocurrency Investment is too risky and this is not a financial advice, so please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before entering any plaform and used their products and services.

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